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Frequently Asked Questions

Are metal buildings durable?

Metal buildings are more durable than any other traditional material and require less maintenance than most other building types. As a metal roof can withstand more damage than a traditional roof,  metal buildings can endure more as well. 

For more information check out this article: Advantages of a Steel Garage Building

Can you customize metal buildings?

Metal buildings are fully customizable when it comes to size, roof type, overall structure, and even the color of the trim, walls, and roof.

How long does installation take?

Installation times will vary depending on the overall building type, size,  and location. In some instances, a building may be installed in one day, while others may take a few days.

How do I order?

First, visit our website and choose the type of structure that fits your particular needs and space you have available. You can work to customize any building size to fit your needs before completing your order.   

How are buildings priced?

Prices vary depending on the overall building design as well as location, size, materials, and installation.

How long is my warranty?

Most of the buildings come with a 20-year rust-through warranty as well as a one-year workmanship warranty. 

Read more about our warranty details here.

What type of warranty do I have on workmanship?

A one year warranty on the workmanship of the product is included in most of our service area.

The installation crews are highly trained with years of combined experience, and all the latest tools that meet current industry standards. They work to provide the best installation possible; and we are proud to be able to provide customers with a warranty to back up the work. 

What does Bulldog Steel Structures offer?

We offer metal carports, Garages, Barns, Workshops, & Commercial certified buildings. The structures that we offer are pre-fabricated, however, they can be customized to meet your unique style and needs. we are experienced professionals who have been working in the metal building industry for a long time now, so we can accommodate most reasonable requests. Give us a call at 888-551-2156 to talk to one of our sales experts about any details you may have questions about. 

Couldn’t I just buy from the manufacturer directly?


Although it seems reasonable, this isn’t an option for various reasons. Manufacturers exclusively work with dealers due to issues they would face with high demand, organization, and customer support. Dealers and manufacturers work hand in hand to ensure that all orders are processed properly. In this way, each can focus on their own part of the equation without having to make any compromises. 



What is the difference between 14 & 12 gauge tubing?

Gauge is a measure of the thickness of the metal tubing, with the lower numbers on the gauge representing thicker gauges. Both of these gauges are structurally sound to use on your metal structure.

14 Gauge is 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″,While the 12 Gauge tubing is 2 1/4″ x 2 1/4″. 

Do I need a permit?

Permit requirements vary from county to county, however, it is very important that you investigate this matter before installing a structure on your property. Please check with your local code office to see if your county requires a permit for your structure. Even if you discover that your area does not require a  permit, we still highly recommend that you get the structure certified for long term peace of mind. 

What size should my concrete pad be?

We can recommend a footprint for a given structure, however still highly recommend that you check this with your local county code office. Most of the time, the footprint will be sufficient to pour the pad, but it can vary from state to state. We recommend that you check with your county to be sure of the required dimensions and the thickness of the pad. 

How is the height measured?

When we talk about the height of a structure we are measuring from the lowest side of the unit. For example: a 9′ high unit would measure 9′ from the bottom of the base rail to the top of the leg. The width, as well as the type of roof style you have chosen, will determine the center clearance as well as the peak. We measure from the side to ensure that when you acquire your structure, you are able to fit your vehicles or any other machine within the structure.

Do you offer financing or rent to own?

Depending on the results of a credit score check, you may be able to finance your structure through our financing program. We have different financing options with competitive prices and reduced interest rates that will allow flexible contract terms ( 24, 36, 48, and 60 months). If you are unsure about qualifying for the program, we can submit an application on your behalf to determine your eligibility. 

We also offer a rent-to-own program that does not require a credit check, although this program is subject to a maximum of $12,000. Give us a call at (888)-551-2156 to get more information about both our financing and rent-to-own programs to see if it is the right choice for you. 

Does my site have to be leveled?

Yes, your building site needs to be completely level for several reasons. Our base-rails are non-separated and need a completely level foundation so as to not disrupt the integrity of the structure. In the event that your site is not level, the installation crew will have no choice but to return with all of the materials, rescheduling installation to give you enough time to level your site. Because a return trip fee will be charged to cover the time and effort of the installation crew, please make sure to have your site leveled by the time of their arrival. 


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