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Barn Prices

Carolina style barn closed outside on the sides and one enclosed lean-to storage with a garage door.

Metal buildings are cost-effective and save you money for years after the construction has ended. Your metal barn will increase your property value, but there are other reasons to choose Bulldog Steel Structures:

  • • Bulldog Steel Structures are attractive.
  • • Bulldog Steel Structures’ barns are customizable, but you can also stick to a basic, proven design. Basic barn designs strive for the most effective use of space and materials. If you need something beyond a standard design, that’s easy too. What’s most important is getting exactly what you need.
  • • Expansion/add-ons are easier later.
  • • Insulation can save energy; you’ll have lower heating/cooling costs.
  • • Insurance rates are lower for steel buildings.
  • • Steel barns hold their value longer.
  • • Steel buildings’ frames put less weight/stress on foundations.
  • • Steel is recyclable, making for a sustainable building product.
  • • U.S.-made steel buildings are high-quality and low-maintenance.


What Factors Influence Barn Prices? (Let’s Have a Barn-Raising!)

Your barn price is determined by:

  • • Classification – Agricultural, commercial, equine, residential
  • • Customization
  • • Delivery fees
  • • Discounts available
  • • Features – Doors, windows, etc.
  • • Financing
  • • Finishings – Cabinets, carpeting, concrete, drywall, electricity, framing, heating/cooling, masonry, plumbing
  • • Landscaping
  • • Local city/county/state permit fees
  • • Price per square foot – This can change based on the current price of steel
  • • Signage
  • • Site – Location, elevation, type of soil, tree/object removals
  • • Taxes
  • • Total square footage

Standard design examples:

Customizations can include:

  • • Colors – Barn/roof
  • • Doors, windows, frameouts
  • • Financing
  • • Options
    • • Certification
    • • Framing
    • • Insulation
    • • Panels
    • • Siding
  • • Sides/ends
  • • Size
  • • Style – Structure/roof
  • • Storage add-ons
  • • Warranty

Your Possibilities Are Limitless with Financing and RTO

Horse barn used as stables for horses

Before you say, “I can’t afford this,” explore financing and rent-to-own (RTO) options. You’d be surprised just how affordable Bulldog Steel Structures can be. And our transparent pricing means you’ll get no “surprises” mid-project.

Your financing needs are as customized as your barn. We use several financing service providers, so we won’t push you in any direction.

You may qualify for the Bulldog Steel Structures RTO program:

  • • Affordable monthly payments
  • • Flexible payment options
  • • Instant approval
  • • No credit check

We strive to make your experience easier. Our team of steel building professionals enjoys sharing the advantages of Bulldog Steel Structures. Nothing makes us happier than customer satisfaction.

Contact Bulldog Steel Structures or call our team at (888) 551-2156 to learn more about financing and RTO options. We’ll make what you need and what you can afford work together for you.

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