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Buying Prefabricated Metal Buildings

12 April 2018

Things to Remember While Buying Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Bulldog Steel Structures has in-depth experience and professional expertise with prefabricated metal buildings. This building buying guide is a helpful tool for those considering the advantages of buying prefabricated metal buildings that have unique and resilient characteristics.

Evaluation Process

Buying a prefabricated metal building is not an easy task. Naturally, there is a decision about materials to use for a building structure that includes alternatives to prefabricated metal, such as concrete block, pre-formed concrete, or wood. Part of this decision-making process is concerned with the budget for the structure, the expected use and lifespan, and the local conditions, such as the need for weatherproofing.

Mistakes to Avoid with Good Planning

There are many common mistakes that can be easily avoided when making the buy/build decision for a prefabricated metal structure. With more attention paid to advance planning these mistakes can be avoided.

Here are the most common mistakes to avoid:

Wrong Building Selection – This is an unfortunate error because it can be so easily avoided. It is important to consider the use of the building and any utilities, which the building needs to be operational, before deciding on the building structure. A metal structure building used as an aircraft hanger is quite different from a building that will be used as a shop, for inventory storage, or for offices.

Blindly Looking for Cheap Buildings – Budget considerations are important; however, the long-term cost of building operations, maintenance, and the useful life is just as important. A building that costs one-third less than another style, but only lasts half as long is actually more expensive than one that initially costs more but lasts longer and has lower maintenance and energy costs. When conducting a cost evaluation, it is important to consider all such factors and not necessarily choose the solution with the cheapest initial cost for a building that ultimately is less valuable over the long-term and a less effective solution.

Focusing Only on Present Uses – Since prefabricated metal structures can be used for a variety of needs, it is important to think ahead to the future and imagine what other uses a building might have. It is easier and more cost-effective to design a building for flexible use in the future that accommodates these needs when constructing a new building than it is to pay for reconstruction or remodeling work.

Denying the Need for Anchors – One costly mistake is not securely anchoring a metal building to the foundation. This is especially important for areas prone to high winds from tornadoes or hurricanes. By anchoring the building properly, there is less chance of damage from storms.

Not Getting the Proper Permits – It is important to check with the local building department and county regulations to learn about the need for permits to build a prefabricated metal building. Some jurisdictions allow smaller structures to be built without permits. The rules vary from location to location. What is most important is to get the correct building permits in order to avoid any troubles from building inspectors later, if the building is put up in violation of the local rules and building codes.

The advantages of working with a highly-skilled online metal carport dealer such as Bulldog Steel Structures for American-made metal buildings and galvanized metal buildings include free home delivery, free installation, fast deliveries, the best in the industry workmanship, 20 years rust-through warranty, and a one-year workmanship warranty.

Bulldog Steel Structures provides industry-leading tools as part of its Building Buying Guides, such as the Color Planner and Building Component Visualizer, which helps with planning. Financing options are available. Contact Bulldog Steel Structures today for all metal building types, including carports, garages, RV covers, workshops, utility carports, garage workshops, and more.

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