Long Term Value

11 April 2019

Long Term Value

If you are interested in buying a metal building, then you’ve no doubt grown used to examining the many available options. When it comes to every facet of a metal building, from material to style to customizable add-ons, you have to be aware of what will add to the success of your project. This process can end up being a little overwhelming; a lot of building features sound good and may improve your experience, but not quite be necessary. There may be alternatives that are more worthwhile, or the simplicity of going without some feature may be a benefit in itself. Our intention is to explore a few options and methods for determining what will be of value for your project. We’ll take a look at a few specific examples as well as some general points to keep in mind.

If you’re already set on a metal building instead of wood, then you’re probably already familiar with at least one simple type of valuation you used to come to that choice. In many configurations, a wooden building will be cheaper than a corresponding metal building, at least when it comes to a simple structure. However, when it comes to value, metal is far ahead of wood. Think of the value of your project as a function of how much it costs and how much you get of it. If you purchase a cheap, simple wooden building, you may save money on that purchase, but lose a combination of money, time, and sanity after the building is up. This value-centered approach applies to many features that you can get
out of metal buildings. We think it’s good to ask how valuable something is to you, not just how much it costs.

Getting What You Need

At Bulldog Steel Structures, we offer as many options as we can in order to maximize your value. This way, you’re able to get the building that you get the most out of, at a reasonable price. Some features that are, in general, useful and beneficial, may simply be irrelevant for you, which is why we offer them as options without locking you down. If you are building in the middle of a barren desert where there is no hail, leaves or other debris, then the vertical roof style will not be of value to you. Instead, getting your building certified for wind resistance will give you positive value. In concrete terms: not being certified for wind will limit what you feel comfortable using your building for, which will mean less use out of the building due to risk, plus additional costs for wind damage repair. On top of this, feeling confident in your building’s safety and stability will free your mind for either other projects or simple relaxation. In this way, your value will be maximized: you’ll be getting what you pay for.

Think Long Term

One pitfall that many customers experience is looking at their buildings in the short term. Although not every deluxe add-on will be relevant for you, make sure to consider the long term usage and possibilities for such a serious investment. For each feature that you’re considering adding onto your building, ask yourself: what will this feature allow me to accomplish, how will it free me up, how much worry will it save me from, and what costs will it save me from paying down the line? Although each situation is different, we only offer each option because we know that somebody needs it. Give our team a call to discuss your specific situation and needs, and we’ll help you navigate our options to find out what works best for you.


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