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Metal Barn vs Pole Barn

12 April 2018

How To Decide Between A Metal Barn vs A Pole Barn

Barns prove to be of immense value when it comes to protecting important assets. From farm equipment to furniture to items you simply want to keep in storage, a barn can serve many different purposes. If you are thinking about building a barn, it is imperative that you understand your options. Many people these days choose to build pole barns, but what they don’t realize is that steel buildings bring far more benefits to the table. Let’s compare metal barns vs pole barns and discuss the common issues with a pole barn, and why you should choose metal barns over them.

What is a pole barn?

Often used as a workshop, storage spaces, and even living spaces, pole barns are built with no foundation and consist of corrugated steel. Some pole barn owners choose to build them with aluminum panels, with poles being spaced out every eight feet. While pole barns provide a cheap and quick solution to storage space problems, they lack durability and longevity. A viable alternative to pole barns is metal barns. Not only are they sturdier, but they tend to last much longer.

Common Issues with Pole Barns

 Rotting Columns

Yes, you read that right. Many pole barns have issues with rotting columns. These columns tend to imitate straw, soaking in a large amount of moisture over the years, which leads to the wood rotting. Most times, this occurs when untreated lumber is used to build the barn, but using metal instead is an effective way to deter this issue.

Termites and Mold

When you build any type of structure with wood, there is always the chance that mold and termites will become an issue. With a metal barn, though, these problems are eliminated. Think about it. If you have to repair mold or termite damaged wood, this can cost you thousands of dollars as well as lots of time in labor. With metal, however, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to be out any money or time repairing termite or mold damage.

Dislodged Nails and Loose Staples

Pole barns are built using nails and staples, which over an extended period of time can become dislodged and loose. As a result, the integrity of the structure is greatly compromised. A metal or steel barn, on the other hand, is built using high-strength bolts, which uphold the integrity of the structure; this helps avoid problems such as water leaks, frameshifting, warping, and sagging.


To keep it simple, once pole barn kits are put together, they require an extensive amount of maintenance. Since the wooden poles are buried deep down into the ground, they tend to shift over time and start to decay. Because of this, the foundation poles of a pole barn often have to be realigned and straightened once every five years; this can cost thousands of dollars, making steel buildings very cost-efficient when compared to pole barn prices.

Comprised Strength and Durability

It cannot be stressed enough that the strength and durability of a wood pole barn do not even come close in comparison to that of a metal or steel building. Wooden beams and poles come from different pieces of wood, meaning they are inconsistent in their strength. Metal and steel, however, do not vary structurally due to variances in material or moisture or soil differences. You get consistency throughout the entire structure.

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