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Should I Buy a Pole Barn?


Pole barns can be an attractive option for creating a workshop, storing equipment, or protecting goods like hay from the weather, but their all-wood construction can have significant downsides, especially when compared to modern steel structures. If you are considering a pole barn, it is best to research the idea thoroughly.

Benefits of a Pole Barn

Pole barns are relatively quick to build, and they use materials that are easy to acquire locally and simple to work with. They are assembled by burying a series of poles in the ground, then adding cross-bracing, roof supports, rafters, roofing, and siding to create a finished barn. In a short time, a small team can create a structure large enough to store tractors, vehicles, farm equipment, or other items with ease. Extra rooms or additions are simple to add later, and maintenance is relatively straightforward.

Because of their all-wood construction, however, pole barns are prone to water damage and rot, especially where the poles meet the ground. They are also prone to fire and can be dangerous to store animals in due to the wood preservatives used, the risk of fire, and the typical dirt floors. Insurance also tends to be higher for pole barns than structures made of steel or other materials, and due to their construction, they will have to be replaced sooner.

Alternatives to Pole Barns

A great alternative to pole barns is steel barns or garages. Constructed from a lightweight yet incredibly strong steel frame, these steel structures are covered with attractive steel siding and steel roofing that is designed to stand the test of time. They feature a concrete floor and can be assembled in as little as a day by a team of experienced installers once the concrete pad has cured. They offer a clean environment that is perfect for creating a shop, storing equipment, or housing livestock, among many other applications. Additional rooms can easily be added, or spaces can be insulated and finished to create living areas.

Although steel barns or garages may be slightly more expensive than pole barns, they are far more durable, will last longer, and require less maintenance overall, with permanent finishes and materials that are mold- and rot-resistant. Steel buildings will also be less costly to insure, due to the reduced fire risk, and they are accepted by the local building codes in more areas.

Durable, Long-Lasting Steel Barns & Garages

Do you need a large, spacious structure for your home, farm, or business? Avoid the pitfalls of a pole barn and choose a quality steel building from our team at Bulldog Steel Structures. We offer Carolina barns, horse barns, Seneca barns, and large commercial garages that can be customized to meet your unique needs and budget. Our steel buildings are constructed from high-quality, low-maintenance materials, and shipping and assembly is included in the quoted price. We supply steel structures throughout the United States, and we offer great financing options that can help you build your dream structure more quickly.

To request a quote for a custom steel structure for your home or business, call Bulldog Steel Structures today at (888)-551-2156 or contact our team online. We ship to most locations in the US, and we offer great pricing and warranties.

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