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Different Types of Anchors For Metal Buildings


There are many different types of anchors for metal buildings that can be used for installing carports or prefabricated steel buildings. After all, the anchors are what keep the structure firmly secured to the ground. If the anchors fail, the building will collapse. Whether you are building a carport from the ground up or having a prefabricated one installed, choosing your anchors wisely is of the utmost importance. Remember, your structure is only as sturdy as the connections it has to the foundation it is built on.

How do you know where to place the anchors?

Regardless of the anchors you use, they must be placed appropriately or they will be of no use. A certified carport or prefabricated steel building will come with instructions as to where the anchors should be installed. It is crucial that installers follow these instructions as closely as possible. Not only will this increase the durability and longevity of the structure, but it will also improve its overall safety.

What type of foundation should the anchors be secured to?

Most professional prefabricated steel building installers will recommend you pour a foundation of concrete. An experienced concrete engineer can help determine how the deep the concrete should be poured as well as assess how long the steel anchor bolts need to be. You will need to know ahead of time the suggested depth of the concrete and the recommended anchor bolt length because this will impact site excavation.

Simple Guideline for Anchor Bolts

The following guideline is a basic overview of anchor bolt requirements for prefabricated steel buildings

  1. All steel buildings need at least four anchor bolts (preferably more)
  2. A cement anchor or rebar anchor must be installed according to exact installation directions
  3. Foundation anchor bolts should be installed perpendicular to the foundation surface (90 degrees)
  4. If anchor placement is more than 1/16″ off from installation directions, it will need to be reinstalled
  5. To decrease shifting, anchor bolts should be in the shape of an “J” or an “L”

What are the different types of anchors for metal buildings?

There are four primary types of anchor bolts for metal structures:

Mobile home anchors: Commonly referred to as augers, these anchors are designed to keep a mobile home securely fashioned to dirt or soil. Augers are driven into the dirt and they attach well to the soil. To meet certified ground installation requirements, mobile home anchors are the only ones that will suffice.

Concrete anchors: If you are pouring a concrete base for your metal building, then concrete anchors will work well. These anchors expand once they are installed and should only be used in concrete because if installed within asphalt, they can cause the foundation to fracture.

Rebar anchors: Commonly used for the installation of metal buildings, rebar anchors secure the structures to gravel or soil. It is important to note that these anchors are not recommended for sandy areas. If you are installing a building onto a foundation that is comprised of loose soil, an auger anchor will work best.

Asphalt anchors: Designed exclusively for securing a building to asphalt, asphalt anchors do a great job because they do not comprise the integrity of the asphalt.

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