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Buy Carports Online

Buy Carports Online

You can order almost anything online these days. But to have a good experience doing so is somewhat rare! When it comes to high-quality, custom-designed carports, there’s a secret to getting exactly what you want, conveniently online.

Is it Safe to Order a Carport Online?

It is safe if you know the secret to success and here it is: To order the best carport for your needs online, be sure to order from experts. At Bulldog Steel Structures, we sell only the finest quality, durable, functional, and attractive carports, and we make them available to you here online. We’ve taken our in-depth experience in carport design and installation, and translated it into a simple online ordering process. 

Contact Bulldog Steel Structures to order your custom carport online! Or call us at 888-551-2156 today.

How to Design Your Custom Carport Online

At Bulldog Steel Structures, we make it simple to design your custom carport, just the way you want it, here online. Using our online carport design tool, you can walk through all your metal carport options, clicking to choose the carport features you want.

Your carport design options include:

  • Overall style
  • Dimensions/size
  • Roof style
  • Storage needs
  • Optional lean-to extensions to your carport
  • Roof and trim colors
  • And more!

Once you’ve created the carport you want, with all your customized details online, you can SAVE it for later and SUBMIT it for a quote! It’s that simple. Here’s how to use our online carport design tool to get started with your custom carport.

Check out Bulldog Steel Structures’ service area map for the list of areas we provide service!

Advantages of Buying a Carport Online from Bulldog Steel Structures

  • Get exactly what you want: You might use your carport to park your SUV or raised truck. You might use the carport as a patio. No matter how you intend to use it, there’s no problem because you choose the dimensions you specifically want. Choose a color to match your home’s siding or to match your truck! When you customize your carport, you’re in charge!
  • Get the right fit: Avoid adapting your location to fit the carport with precise ordering. When you get the exact carport you need, you know it will fit between your home and the next! You can design the carport to equal the height of your roof or make it reach the eaves, or size it just tall enough to cover your car or RV — and more.
  • Get a durable, stylish product with a guarantee: Our carports come with a one-year workmanship warranty plus a 20-year rust-through warranty and more.  (See all the warranty details when you select and customize your specific carport, barn, or other metal structure product.)
  • Get optional professional installation.
  • And get more!

Contact Bulldog Steel Structures to order your custom carport online! Or call us at 888-551-2156 today.

Where to Find The Best Custom Carports Online

At Bulldog Steel Structures, we have mastered the art of providing a wide selection of custom carports online. We stock pre-fabricated carport components so you can customize to your exact specifications before shipment. Our service area covers 35 states and counting.

View our service area map for the list of locations where Bulldog Steel Structures provides service!

How Can I Get a Carport Shipped to Me?

Buying online is the ultimate convenience, but it only works if you buy from a reputable company! When you buy from experts, like the team at Bulldog Steel Structures, you can purchase something quite large (like a carport) safely and easily. You can have it conveniently shipped to you — and be delighted with the quality when it arrives.

At Bulldog Steel Structures, we make online ordering easy so that you can order your custom carport online without concern. Our team is knowledgeable and dedicated to customer satisfaction, and our products are guaranteed so that you can be confident ordering online from us!

Ready to order your customized metal carport online? Have questions? Contact Bulldog Steel Structures at 888-551-2156 today.

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