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Metal Garage Pricing

A prefabricated metal garage is a great way to get the extra storage you need without the expense of a home addition. Whether you’re looking to store your vehicles, yard equipment, recreational toys, or valuables, a metal garage provides the storage solutions you need for year-round protection for your belongings.

But how much does a metal garage cost?

At Bulldog Steel Structures, we always provide our customers with upfront and honest pricing, delivering a custom quote for our prefabricated metal garage storage solutions. For a personalized quote for your garage needs, submit a form through our online portal or contact us directly today!

Factors That Impact Metal Garage Pricing

rent to own metal buildings

There are many different aspects of your metal garage build that factor into its price. These include the following:

  • • Size
  • • Windows
  • • Garage Doors
  • • Siding
  • • Insulation
  • • Roofing


At Bulldog Steel Structures, we allow you to customize nearly every aspect of your metal garage build. We’ll deliver a custom quote based on your specifications to help you make the best decision for your storage needs. Contact our team to get started today.

Bulldog Steel Structures’ Metal Garage Pricing

Our team has provided custom-tailored metal garages ranging from $3,900 all the way to $26,800. The smallest changes in materials, add-ons, and customizations truly make all the difference when creating a quote for your metal garage unit. We offer the following customizations through our online portal:

  • • Installation Surface Style
  • • Roof Style
  • • Center Storage Options
  • • Custom Sizing
  • • Enclosure Options
  • • Insulation Options
  • • Siding Panel Options
  • • Frame Gauge Options
  • • Door, Window, Frame, and Roll-Up Door Customizations
  • • Color Selection


Consult with a member of our team to find out what the total cost will be for your custom metal garage order today!

FAQs for Metal Garages

Are metal garages a good value compared to other materials?

Yes — compared to wooden garages, metal garages are superior in terms of durability and resistance to mold, insects, and fire damage.

Do metal garages add value to a home?

According to most real estate specialists, metal garages can add significant value to your home — up to $30,000 for a two-car detached garage.

How much is a concrete slab for a garage?

The average cost for a concrete slab is around $6 per square foot. However, price points largely depend on the size of the garage and the condition of the ground on which it will lay.

Do I have to pay sales tax for my garage?

It depends on whether or not you’re purchasing the garage for the federal government, state government, or have a farm or agricultural tax exemption status. If you meet these criteria, then you likely won’t need to pay sales tax. However, all other sales require payment of applicable sales tax.

Does color choice impact the price of my garage?

If you choose from our standard colors, it won’t increase the cost of your garage. However, our Deluxe Wainscot selections will cost extra.

Do you offer a warranty? Does it cost extra?

We offer the following warranties at an extra cost to our customers:

  • 1-Year Workmanship
  • 10-Year Panel & Trim
  • 20-Year Rust Through
  • 20-Year Limited on Certified Vertical Roof Style Units


Bulldog Steel Structures for Your Metal Garage!

If you’re looking for a superior storage solution that’s built to last, look no further than Bulldog Steel Structures for your metal garage needs. Our team will create a custom-tailored garage for all your vehicles, yard supplies, and recreational equipment. Get your personalized quote for your custom metal garage build by contacting our team today!

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