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Modular Horse Barns


If you’ve never considered investing in a modular horse barn, or if you have but aren’t sure it’s the right decision, this post is for you. There are plenty of compelling reasons to choose a modular horse barn from Bulldog Steel Structures, including significant safety and structural integrity advantages. Here are just a few more.

Modular Versatility

Custom metal horse barns from Bulldog Steel Structures are designed to meet your exact needs. Plus, with a modular system’s endless possibilities, you can quickly and easily expand your barn if your needs change down the road. We work with you closely to create the barn structure you want — if you can dream it, we can build it!

Quality Workmanship

All our galvanized steel barns are made right here in the U.S. This ensures the highest standards of design, materials, and quality control. Our unsurpassed quality workmanship means you can feel confident in the barn you choose, whatever your budget may be.

Structural Integrity

Galvanized steel horse barns are built to stand the test of time and withstand the elements. Much more durable than wooden barns, modular steel horse barns outperform conventional structures in handling everything from high winds to heavy snow loads and even earthquakes.

Safety, Health, and Welfare

When it comes to horse barns, safety is critical. Metal horse barns are built to protect your animals from whatever Mother Nature throws their way. Kick- and chew-proof panels help prevent injuries and keep horses from digesting wood splinters that can cause health issues such as colic. There’s no risk of decaying, bacteria-harboring wood or dangerously exposed rusty nails. And perhaps best of all, a zero percent fire spread rating gives your horses the highest safety protection against fire.


Maintenance costs can be pretty hefty for wood barns, as they eventually rot, develop mold, crack, warp, or get termite damage. Buried wooden support poles also decay and shift over time and can be expensive to replace. You also need to paint or stain a wooden barn every few years. Modular barns are weather- and insect-resistant and require minimal maintenance, usually just a spray wash.


Bulldog Steel Structures is as serious about our warranties as you are about keeping your horses safe. Our workmanship warranties cover manufacturing and installation issues for one year. Our 10-year panel rust-through warranty on 14-gauge material and 20-year panel rust-through warranty on 12-gauge material are among the best warranties in the industry.

Our Horse Barn Models

Bulldog Steel Structures works with eight manufacturers and offers four horse barn styles:

  • • Our 42’x26’x14’11” model features two closed sides with a right-side walk-in door and left-side roll-up garage door.
  • • The fully open 12’x21’x9′ red barn with white trim features front and back vertically installed gable ends.
  • • Our enclosed 44’x36’x14′ model has three 9’x8′ roll-up garage doors on each side and a 30″x36″ window installed on each front gable.
  • • The 48’x21’x9’6” horse barn has a 24’x21’x9’ open central unit and two 12’x21’x6’ lean-tos with both sides closed to the ground.

Many people wait to build a horse barn until they have the money saved. We facilitate financing for any of our horse barns, except in North Dakota.

Why wait any longer for a new horse barn? Modular horse barns are a fantastic investment that let you keep your horses right on your property rather than pay expensive boarding fees. To learn more about all our barn styles, contact Bulldog Steel Structures online today or call us at (888) 551-2156.

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