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32′ x 40′ x 11′-8′ Carolina Barn

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38′ x 40′ x 13′-9′ Carolina Barn

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42′ x 40′ x 12′-9′ Carolina Barn

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42′ x 40′ x 12′-9′ Half Carolina Barn

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44’x25’x12’-9’ Carolina Barn

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44’x30’x12’-9’ Carolina Barn

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46’x25’x11’-7’ Carolina Barn

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48′ x 35 x 13′-9′ Carolina Barn

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48′ x 40′ x 12′-15′ Seneca Barn



When it comes to your barn, don’t settle for the typical pole or wooden barn. Opt for a more secure and attractive option by choosing a custom metal barn from Bulldog Steel Structures.

Wooden barns are susceptible to damage due to fires, termites, and weather.  They also require treatment every year to keep them from damaging.

Say good-bye to the headaches wooden barns cause – choose a durable metal barn instead. At Bulldog Steel Structures, we offer steel barns that are manufactured right here in the USA to keep your livestock and equipment safe.

See why custom steel barns are a top choice for people looking to protect their investments – contact us today to learn more!

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Benefits of Metal Barns

Whether you’ve just recently heard of metal barns or you’ve been considering one for a long time, they’re a great option to consider when it comes to installing a new barn. Besides withstanding the elements better, steel barns come with a number of other benefits that make them worth considering. These benefits include:

Custom design: When you work with Bulldog Steel Structures, we can create a custom steel barn that fits your exact needs.

Less maintenance: As we mentioned earlier, wood barns require annual maintenance to keep them intact. Avoid annual maintenance with a metal barn!

No rot or mold: Unlike wooden structures, steel barns won’t rot or mold. This gives you one less thing to worry about as your structure ages.

Versatility: With a metal barn from Bulldog Steel Structures, it’s easy to expand on your existing metal barn if you end up needing more space in the future.

If you’re looking for a barn that will withstand the elements, age well, require less maintenance, and fit your exact needs, then look no further than an American steel barn from Bulldog Steel Structures. We’re confident in the integrity of our buildings and know you’ll love your barn for years to come. In fact, we even offer a 20-year rust-through warranty. See why more and more people are choosing metal barns – contact our steel structure experts today!

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Why Choose Bulldog Steel Structures?

At Bulldog Steel Structures, we offer expert solutions for all of your storage needs. We’ll work with you closely to create the exact steel barn structure you want by using our efficient communication system that is second to none. Other benefits to working with us include:

Metal Barns Manufactured In America

All our galvanized steel barns are made right here in America to ensure the highest standards of quality control, materials, and design. You can be confident that our metal is of the highest quality and consistency, whatever your budget.

The Best Steel Barn Prices Anywhere

We offer the top steel barns with not only the best online prices, but the best prices available in the market.Our metal barn pricing is the most competitive you’ll find in the industry. We confidently price match when provided with a quote from an equivalent competitor.

Faster Delivery

We provide free home delivery and free installation for any structure you’ve purchased. All you need to do is select your building and wait for delivery right to your site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do metal barns cost?

Our starting prices for metal barns are as low as $4,510. With so many options available, including custom metal barns, we have a barn for every budget. Get started with a custom quote!

How long do metal barns last?

Our rugged, reliable American-made metal barns can last 15-20 years or more. We offer a one-year warranty on craftsmanship and up to a 20-year warranty on rust-through, depending on gauge. Learn more about our metal barn warranties.

Do you offer metal barns with garages?

Yes! Several of our metal barns have drive-in garages with roll-up garage doors.

Can I buy metal lean-to barns?

Yes. Check out this Carolina barn with a fully enclosed lean-to, for example. Lean-to barns offer an ideal combination of open air and overhead shelter, making them perfect for farm dinners, BBQs, and family gatherings. They’re also an affordable metal barn option, and versatile, too.

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Uses for Metal Barns

Versatility is one of the biggest advantages of metal barns. Here are just a few ways our customers are using them:

Workshop – Metal barns are perfect places for woodworking, metalwork, mechanical work, crafting, painting and other work.
Farm Animals – A sturdy, secure metal barn from Bulldog Steel Structures is ideal for sheltering horses and livestock that are commonly found on farms. We offer both modular and custom horse barns.
Feed Storage – Store hay, grain, alfalfa and other animal feed in a metal barn to protect it from moisture, rodents, wind, and other problems.
Office – Convert your metal barn into a home office for any business or for managing your household.
Living Space – A metal barn with living quarters can be used as your primary residence or for rental income as an AirBNB barn.

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Roof Style

Carolina Barn

This tiered style offers ventilation for the animals inside, while retaining the look of a traditional horse barn.

Horse Barn

This traditional structure offers the beauty and classic style that you are familiar with, integrated with the durability that a metal barn can provide. One big benefit is the second-floor windows, which allow natural illumination of the entire space.

Bulldog Steel Structures proudly offers both traditional and modular horse barns. Browse our options below!

Seneca Barn

This very simple style is great for those looking for something that is functional, simple, and easy to upkeep while maintaining an excellent outward appearance.

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