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24x36x14 RV Cover

24x36x14 RV Cover
  • 24x36x14 RV Cover
  • 24x36x14 RV Cover

24x36x14 RV Cover


  • Width 24'
  • Length 36'
  • Height 14'


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RV Covers

Metal RV covers provide the best protection for your RV investment, which also brings your family fun and relaxation, with the ability to explore far and wide. Durable steel motor home covers help you maximize the use of your RV, protecting it for many years to come. At Bulldog Steel Structures, we sell and install multiple sizes of metal RV covers, and other metal buildings, customizable to suit your needs.

Protect your RV for the long haul. Contact us online at Bulldog Steel Structures, or call 888-551-2156 today.

Size: 24′ x 36′ x 14′

  • 36′ panel on each side
  • Gable end on the front and back end


Benefits of Metal RV Covers

Durable and built to last, a metal RV cover from Bulldog Steel Structures brings you years of high-quality protection for your mobile home. Here’s a short list of the advantages of installing a steel RV cover. You’ll enjoy reliable RV protection that helps to:

  • Protect your RV from sun damage. Many parts of your RV are vulnerable to UV damage, including exterior paint, interior finishes like the kitchen countertop, and your RV upholstery and carpet fabrics.
  • Slow vehicle depreciation and preserve resale value. Metal RV covers help maintain the value of your RV over time, keeping it in great condition for an extended time period.
  • Prevent weather-related deterioration of appearance and function. Leaving your RV out in the wind, rain, and snow when you’re not using it can leave it looking old, leading to issues like roof leaks and early mechanical failure.
  • Keep your RV cleaner longer. Your metal RV cover takes all the dirt, sticky tree sap, bird droppings and more, so they can’t accumulate on and damage your RV.
  • Help prevent unhealthy, damaging mold. Our RV covers repel rain and snow, yet allow airflow so that any condensation or moisture dries quickly.
  • Enjoy the added benefit of your tough, metal RV cover: You’ll enjoy peace of mind, confident that your RV investment is secure—and that it’s ready to go when you are.

Our dependable and attractive metal RV covers are available in 35 states and counting. Check out our service area map!

How to Size a Metal RV Cover 

Take the following considerations into account:

  • Intended use: You may use your versatile metal carport to store your RV, or you may plan to park a truck or car. Alternatively, you might use the metal RV cover as a patio, for example. Select a metal RV cover size that fits your needs best.
  • Building material: Wood carports can be attractive, but high maintenance, with a relatively short useful life. Wood can warp, sag, rot, suffer termite damage and more. We install and recommend metal or steel carports and RV covers, due to their build strength, long-term performance, and durability.  
  • Dimensions to fit your space and your RV size: Include enough width and height to easily cover, for instance, a raised truck or tall tractor. A too-tall metal RV cover may be vulnerable to wind damage, however.
  • Weather conditions: For particularly windy areas, we typically suggest a structure much wider than its height, for stability. If you experience major snowstorms, we suggest a metal carport with a vertical-styled roof. Regular or boxed-eave carport roofs work well in regions with frequent rain or hail.

Let our metal RV cover and carport experts help you select the right model and size! Contact us at 888-551-2156 today. 

Common Questions About Our Metal RV Covers

Do you offer a workmanship guarantee?

Each high-quality metal building we sell comes with a 20-year manufacturer’s rust through warranty to provide maximum protection for your RV. Our experienced installers take pride in our top-quality RV cover installation work, aided by modern, industry-standard tools. We back this service with a one-year workmanship warranty. Find out more on our FAQ page.

How long does installation take?

Buildings may often be installed in one day, while others may take a few days instead, depending on the product type, location, and size. Find out more on our FAQ page.

Check out our service area map for a full list of locations we service at Bulldog Steel Structures.

Why Buy an RV Cover from Bulldog Steel Structures?

Our company provides a variety of metal outbuildings, including metal RV covers.  Beyond metal carports, we can also install a new garage, workshop, barn, or one of our commercial-certified buildings. 

At Bulldog Steel Structures, we carry a wide variety of in-stock products, ready to be installed and customized to meet your specific needs. As experienced metal structure specialists, dedicated to customer satisfaction, we’re able to accommodate most reasonable requests.

Please contact Bulldog Steel Structures at 888-551-2156 and let our sales experts match your needs to a specific metal RV cover. Schedule your installation today!

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