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54' x 41' x14'-11' Seneca Barn

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54' x 41' x14'-11' Seneca Barn


  • Width 54'
  • Length 41'
  • Height 14'-11'


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Seneca Barns

The simple, uncomplicated style of the Seneca barn makes it ideal when you’re looking for a durable, functional, and low-maintenance steel structure. The Seneca metal barn offers a streamlined outward appearance that works for a variety of farm and ranch needs.

In your Seneca barn from Bulldog Steel Structures, you can store vehicles, tools, and more. Your versatile metal barn offers clean lines and a secure structure to complement any country home, or outbuilding, nearby on the property.

Let us ship your metal Seneca barn to your property, or schedule your professional installation. Contact Bulldog Steel Structures at 888-551-2156 today!


Main Unit: 30′ x 41′ x 14′

Back enclosed with two different size frame-outs on the front gable end, due to the height it has reinforced legs:

  • Custom size frame-outs on the front gable end 
  • 36″ x 80″ Walk-in door also installed on the front gable end


Lean-To: 12′ x 41′ x 11′ 

Enclosed all around with garage doors:

  • 10′ x 10′ Roll-up garage doors installed on the front gable end 


Top Benefits of Seneca Barns

The simple, classic style of the Seneca metal barn offers many advantages, including:

  • Sleek lines: Seneca barns are attractive and easy-care structures.
  • Versatile: There are a million ways to use your metal barn depending upon your business or personal needs.
  • Cost-effective metal barn: The Seneca barn (as well as our Horse barns and Carolina barns) provides dependable, attractive, multi-use buildings for your property without major construction costs.
  • Multiple sizes available: We stock many sizes to meet your required specifications.
  • Customizable: We can create custom frame-outs and include walk-in doors (and roll-up garage doors) in the configuration and size that works best for you.

We make it easy to buy a metal barn online! Check out the Bulldog Steel Structures service area map for a full list of locations we serve.


How to Size a Custom Seneca Barn

When selecting the proper size for your Seneca barn, take into account:

  • Planned use: Consider the number and size of the vehicles, tools, or other items you plan to store or work with in the barn. Add a few feet around the perimeter edges and the height as a buffer. This helps ensure your barn will suit your purposes perfectly. Think ahead, to picture future storage or workshop uses when sizing your metal Seneca barn.
  • Location: Where on your property will the metal barn sit? Make sure you have enough ground and air space, with no other buildings or trees in the way.
  • Permit: Check to see if your area requires a permit for the structure and if they have size limitations.
  • Expert advice: When you talk to one of our metal barn installation experts to place your order, we can help ensure that you get the right size for your needs.

Check out your options online and contact Bulldog Steel Structures. Call us at 888-551-2156 today!


Common Questions from Our Metal Barn Customers

How are metal Seneca barns priced?

Prices vary and depend on the building size and design, as well as specific materials and installation.

What product lines does Bulldog Steel Structures offer?

We sell and install steel pre-fabricated (but customizable) barns, carports, garages, workshops, and commercially certified structures.

Check out our service area map for a full list of locations we service in 35 states and counting!


Why Buy a Seneca Barn from Bulldog Steel Structures?

At Bulldog Steel Structures, our experience in selling and installing high-quality metal barns makes us the top choice when you need a metal outbuilding. We are focused on customer satisfaction and offer tough, versatile, and built-to-last metal barns for your country home or large city lot.

Get expert advice and learn more about our Seneca metal barn products. Contact Bulldog Steel Structures online or call us at 888-551-2156 today!

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