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It’s no longer a daydream. The bonus space you’ve always wanted is affordable, long-lasting, and a handsome addition to your lot.

Ohioans are busy, creative, hospitable, and active property owners looking to make the most of their time and space. After settling into your home, it’s not long before you start feeling cramped, run out of storage, or pick up new hobbies that require more (and often larger) stuff. 

And yet, you love your home, and rather than packing up and moving, you start to imagine your ultimate bonus space. Maybe it’s a workshop or a home office. Or perhaps it’s just a little extra storage room or place to keep your car from getting iced over in the winter.

These bonus spaces don’t have to be fantasies you only see on home improvement shows. You can have them without facing the unknowns of a renovation or fretting over design decisions. You don’t have to swallow extra costs from contractors, and you don’t have to sacrifice function or added value to your home.

All-purpose steel structures, such as a barn or garage, are a quality, cost-effective (and fun!) solution for your ultimate bonus space.

Browse our buildings for inspiration, or contact us to learn more.

Garages and Barns

A steel structure is far more than its name implies. Garages have matured beyond cobwebby junk holes and barns beyond their traditional farmland duties. 

Although both still serve their original functions, they’re also the latest in rec rooms, man caves, guest houses, home offices, workshops, and countless other bonus applications.

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A garage protects some of your most valuable possessions. It should hold up against the stormy elements year after year, secure against theft, and stand the test of time with little-to-no maintenance. And, like anything on your home’s exterior, it should improve curb appeal. 

Steel garages are far more durable than wood-frame structures, require less maintenance, and are not susceptible to mold or pests. With a variety of colors and designs, steel buildings have a clean, sophisticated visual appeal.


Barns perform to the same standards of security and durability as garages but have layouts and designs for a wider variety of applications.

They can house just about anything you need: livestock, equipment, machinery. But beyond storage, they can have sections for bunkhouses, retail shops, cafes, and more. 

Uses for Steel Garages and Barns in Ohio

All-purpose steel structures are located throughout Ohio. Because they’re flexible in size and function, you’ll find them in both rural and urban areas. 

Ohio saw a record number of new businesses created in 2020 (topping 2019’s record). Economic challenges haven’t stopped Ohioans, and as your businesses take off, you’ll need the space to grow with it. Steel buildings can meet that demand quickly and affordably.

Steel Structures in Ohio’s Big Cities

The majority of Ohio’s population — 82% — lives in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. You don’t need to live in the country to have a steel building.

Common uses for steel buildings in big cities:

  • Small garage
  • Carport
  • Home office, guest house, or rec room
  • Storage shed, studio, or workshop

But make no mistake — Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati metro areas include outer counties such as Delaware, Geauga, and Brown, where agriculture, recreation, and tourism thrive. 

Common uses for steel structures outside big cities:

  • RV, boat, and other recreational storage
  • Climate-controlled storage for personal belongings
  • Destinations for retail, workshops, or event venues
  • Agriculture and farming

Why Build a Steel Building?

Steel buildings are the bonus space you’ve always wanted, the function you need, and the bang for your buck when it comes to home improvement.

If you read “Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home” recommendations from most home mortgage and real estate companies, you’ll find these key reasons that support steel structures as a smart option:

  • Functional square footage: One of the biggest ways to increase the value of your home is to add functional space. Not only are steel buildings functional, they’re multi-functional. And can easily be altered or added onto at any time. Easy bang for your buck.
  • Energy efficiency: Efficiency is a big influencer in a home’s value. Depending on how you choose to insulate your steel buildings, you could score some home value points by helping your metal building stay warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Curb appeal: Curb appeal is always a factor in your home’s value and marketability. Steel siding and rooftops are popular options and have a spectrum of colors and designs to choose from. No matter what look you choose, the colors won’t fade or deteriorate over time. 

Other Types of Steel Structures 

Bulldog Steel Structures is a leading provider of steel buildings. Whether for a farm outside Marysville or a studio in Ohio City, we work closely with you to create the exact structure you want. We provide free delivery and installation in Ohio and ensure the highest standard of quality control.

Choose from the following building types:

It all comes down to what you want and need for your home and life situation, but steel structures can be a fun, attractive, and less stressful way to get your ultimate bonus space.

Get a free quote for your building! Or call us to talk more about why a steel structure is an excellent option for Ohio properties. Call (888) 551-2156 or contact us online.

Why Work With Us?

At Bulldog Steel Structures, we offer expert solutions for all your storage needs. We’ll work with you closely to create the exact steel structure you want by using our efficient communication system that is second to none. Other benefits of working with us include:


All our galvanized metal buildings are made right here in America to ensure the highest standards of quality control, materials, and design. You can be confident that our metal is of the highest quality and consistency, whatever your budget.


We offer top-notch buildings with the best online prices. Our pricing is the most competitive you’ll find in the industry. We confidently price match when provided with a quote from an equivalent competitor.


We provide free home delivery and free installation for any structure you’ve purchased. All you need to do is select your building and wait for delivery directly to your site.

See the difference working with Bulldog Steel Structures makes — contact us today to start your free quote or learn more!

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I highly recommend Bulldog Steel Structures. It has really been a pleasure working with Juan and Savannah. They made sure I got everything thing that I needed at a really great price! Everyone needs to check out their website, I guarantee you ...

- Christy R.

I compared more carports than you can imagine, between various companies and sizes, because the county was not decisive on exactly what I could get approved for so I was testing various options and prices. Bulldog Steel Structures was definitely atte...

- Jennifer T.

Juan Cortes was very helpful and patient with me even with all my questions and change of dimension of structure. He was very knowledgeable of product and procedures of installation of product. I would have no problem sending friends and famil...

- Denia G.

The workers showed up on time, knew what they were doing, and got the carport assembled quickly. The lead fellow was courteous and answered all my questions. Nice looking structure. Very happy with it.

- William K.

Hannah and Savannah were the best to work with on our garage building. Very helpful and incredibly nice. I would highly recommend them for your purchase.

- Kim C.

Put up a RV cover for me on a concrete pad. Turned out great and the guys cleaned up after the work. Very satisfied. Would recommend these people.

- Dan and Linda I.

I love my “She Shop.” It was amazingly easy. I sent an email, made 2 phones calls and it was done. The installation went even easier. Three guys showed up one day and finished the next. They were polite and cleaned up after themselves. My husband...

- Theressa J.

I visited their website and used the 3D estimator and was able to see my building with doors, window placements, colors,and overall look. When you add or change any feature, including size, you can immediately see the result and change in price (if a...

- David T.
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