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Quality Steel Buildings Delivered to Louisiana

When living in one of the top 10 states affected by hurricanes, it makes sense to install a heavy-duty structure that can easily weather the storm. That’s where we come in. At Bulldog Steel Structures, we make protecting your property and livestock our top priority, bringing you structures that are meant to last for years to come, no matter what life throws at them. Our professionals are highly trained and have years of experience within the steel industry, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll get the best service around.

For reliable, affordable, and exceptional storage, call Bulldog Steel Structures. Give us a call at (888) 551-2156 or reach out online to get a free quote.

Benefits of Metal Garages and Barns

Though Louisiana doesn’t experience strong winds for most of the year, it’s extremely prone to hurricanes, with Grand Isle and other islands in the Gulf of Mexico most affected. Louisiana also has its peak tornado season in November, as storms are common in the middle of the state. Your steel structure can brave the strong winds of tornadoes and hurricanes with benefits including:

  • Weather resistance – Steel is a highly durable material that protects well against heavy rain, snow, hail, high winds, tornadoes, and even earthquakes.
  • Easy cleaning – Unlike traditional wooden structures, steel isn’t porous, so cleaning is easy, using a simple pressure washer and mild solution.
  • Color retention – During the manufacturing process, color is added to the steel, so it doesn’t need repainting as often as wooden structures do.
  • Fire resistance – Steel is a noncombustible material, making it fireproof.

With a steel garage or barn, you can be more confident that your property won’t be as severely affected as it would be if it were a traditional wooden structure.

Protect your most valuable assets with Bulldog Steel Structures. Reach us at (888) 551-2156 or contact us online today.

Types of Garages

Having a steel garage has tons of uses. You can use it for:

  • Car, bike, or scooter storage
  • A workshop or office space
  • A man cave or she-shed
  • A guest bedroom
  • A music or art studio

No matter your passion, career, or interests, a steel garage can be the perfect solution to make time for your hobbies that you didn’t previously have enough space for. We offer three main types of garages:

Types of Barns

Our metal barns are just as versatile as our garages and can be used for more than just keeping your livestock safe. You can alternatively use one of our metal barns as a greenhouse or for residential storage. Our barns come in three main structures:

  • Carolina Barns – Perfect for most farm animals as these provide a great amount of ventilation while retaining that classic barn look.
  • Horse BarnsAs its name implies, this style is perfect for your stable of galloping companions.
  • Seneca Barns – Simple and functional, this barn-style can be used for larger cars and RVs.

Whether it’s for storage, alone time, or get-togethers, Bulldog Steel Structures is ready to deliver. Call now at (888) 551-2156 or get a free quote online.

Carports & RV Covers

If the metal structures above don’t suit your needs, you might be interested in our other structures.  Carports can be used for long tractors and wagons, multiple vehicles at a time, or they can even be used as a seating area. And our RV covers do exactly as the name implies ― cover your RV ― using the finest grade of metal to protect it from inclement weather such as high winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes. They also come in these three styles:

  • Boxed
  • Regular
  • Vertical

We also provide custom metal structures to ensure that you can get exactly what you want within your budget.

Speak with a professional to see which style is right for you. Call Bulldog Steel Structures today at (888) 551-2156.

Why Go With Bulldog Steel Structures?

When you’re looking for a steel structure that can protect your most valuable assets, Bulldog Steel Structures is the way to go. Not only do we have financing options available, including our rent-to-own program, we also deliver and install your structures for you, providing a quick and easy process from placing your order to getting your finished product.

To learn more about our financing options and rent-to-own program, speak with one of our experts at (888) 551-2156 now or get a free online quote.

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