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11 April 2019

Installation Site/ What to Expect 

Shopping for a new building can be stressful enough, but many people also encounter some easy-to-avoid difficulty during the installation phase. At Bulldog, we’re here to help you as much as we can during this period, so that your installation goes quickly and smoothly. Most of the trouble that can arise during installation comes about due to a lack of information about what’s involved, so here we’ll just briefly go over what you should expect, and what you need to prepare on your end for your installation to be successful.

Level The Site

One of the most central, most important things to remember about installation is to get your site level. Without a level surface, the building doesn’t go up: simple as that. We obviously recommend getting serious measurements of your plot before purchasing, so that you know that you can have a large enough area flat enough for the building once you decide to go forward with the installation. Make sure to schedule everything involved in the leveling process well in advance, so that the installation can proceed on schedule. In the event that the ground is not properly level, the installation crew will have to delay installation. Without a good foundation, no building can stand!

Communication Is Key 

With this in mind, the main thing that can help expedite an installation is proper communication. If there is anything that you think could make installation more difficult, communicate that to us beforehand so that we can make sure that the installation team is prepared for whatever they may face. A common bit of information that can help the installation team is knowing how far away the power source is, and if there are any complications or limitations on it. If the power source is too far away, the installation team can use generators, but the installation can be delayed if they don’t know this beforehand.


Leveled? or Looks Leveled? 

There are a few situations in which you may incur an extra charge due to some aspect of the installation. Again, the most important one of these is making sure that your site is level. If it isn’t, the additional time that the installation team had to spend to come and evaluate your site will still need to be charged. However, if the site is level and the power supply situation is clear to the installation team, expect nothing more than a quick and painless installation.

We are here to help you through the installation process, so feel free to come to us with any questions. Although the process is straightforward and simple, we know that many people have questions about some aspect of the process. Our installation and delivery are both fast and free, to take one more burden off your shoulders and help you focus on getting the most out of your new building.

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