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Wood Buildings vs Steel Buildings

wood buildings vs steel buildings
12 April 2018

What are the differences between wood buildings vs steel buildings? Wood buildings may be less expensive and easier to construct, but the longevity and durability of wood doesn’t even come close in comparison to steel. Plus, the maintenance of a wood building will cost you more in the long run. To help you decide which type will work best for you, let’s take a closer look at wood buildings vs steel buildings.

Statistics About Wood Buildings and Steel Buildings

Before we dive into the many reasons as to why you should consider a steel building over a wooden one, check out these statistics.

  • Wood framing is the most preferred for residential constructions; this is most likely because people are afraid to try something new.
  • Steel framing is the most preferred for other types of construction.
  • Within the US commercial market, steel framing grabs nearly 55 percent of all new constructions.
  • Within the US commercial market, nearly 95 percent of all commercial buildings are constructed using steel framing.

Wood Buildings vs Steel Buildings

About 20 percent of the total cost of building new construction is spent on framing and trusses. While you may think that steel framing would be significantly more than wood framing, the truth is Structural Steel Panels cost only about five percent more than wood trusses. Because the speed and ease of setting these trusses is far more efficient, the labor costs of steel structures is typically slashed by up to 50 percent when compared with the expense of erecting a wood building.

Another thing to consider when using wood as a building material is that its consistency varies. Because all tree species vary (even the same species), lumber strengths fluctuate in their durability. Wood also swells when the moisture content changes, causing cracks, twists, and warps in long headers and rafters as the years go by. If moisture content exceeds 20 percent, decay will more than likely take place in the structure. This is yet another reason steel and metal storage buildings are a better choice over wood structures.

Maintenance of Steel vs Wood Buildings

To keep it simple, wood buildings need a lot of upkeep. Not only will this require much labor on your end, but it will also cost a lot of money in regards to the materials you will need to perform the upkeep. Steel buildings, on the other hand, require only a minimal amount of maintenance, with a simple rinsing and cleaning one to two times a year generally being sufficient.

Steel Buildings are the Better Choice

Metal buildings are almost always the better choice. Whether you are constructing horse barns or metal carports, you will enjoy an array of advantages with steel framing. Wood sheds and buildings simply don’t last as long and they are not nearly as sturdy as steel structures. In terms of longevity, steel buildings often last decades longer than wooden structures. Contact us today to learn more about our industry workmanship and our 20-year rust-through warranty.

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