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Design Your Own Carport

Design Your Own Carport

You’ll find that designing a carport is easy when you work with the experts at Bulldog Steel Structures. Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction and can help you create your ideal custom metal carport to perfectly suit your needs. Then, we can ship it out to your location and provide installation services as needed.

Contact Bulldog Steel Structures to order your custom carport online! Or call us at 888-551-2156 today.

Options for Your Custom Carport Design

There are many options, such as dimensions/size and functional features, that you can include or tweak when you design a customized metal carport with Bulldog Steel Structures.

Carport design options include:

  • Style: Select standard, triple-wide, or commercial metal carport. You can also select another product, like an enclosed garage, utility room or metal barn.
  • Roof style: Choose from a vertical, boxed eave, or standard roof style.
  • Center storage option: Install none, or place it at the back, left, or right of the carport.
  • Right or left lean: This is a lean-to extension attached at left or right, with or without storage shelving.
  • Install surface: Specify where you will install the structure, on asphalt, dirt, gravel, or concrete.
  • Panel options: You can have left/right sidewalls and front/back gable ends that are open, closed, or extended.
  • Roof and trim colors: There are 17 vibrant color choices for each.
  • Additional options: Select installation services, insulation, mobile home anchors, and even gauge (thickness) of the structural elements.


How to Use Our Custom Carport Design Tool

To begin, you’ll enter your zip code, then click to select options and drag to arrange (or re-size) each. An image of your design will appear on the screen and will change depending upon the choices you make. You can see the product in progress, zoom in and out, and turn it left or right to view all sides. When you’re happy with your design, SAVE it and SUBMIT for a quote!

See our custom carport design tool here.

Check out Bulldog Steel Structures’ service area map for the list of areas we provide service!

Benefits of Designing Your Own Carport

  • Get the exact look, size, and features you need: You might use your carport to park your SUV or raised truck. You might use the carport as a patio. No matter how you intend to use it, there’s no problem because you choose the dimensions you specifically want. Choose a color to match your home’s siding or to match your truck! When you customize your carport, you’re in charge!
  • Ensure fit: Avoid adapting your location to fit the carport with precise ordering. When you get the exact carport you need, you know it will fit between your home and the next! You can design the carport to equal the height of your roof or make it reach the eaves, or size it just tall enough to cover your car or RV — and more.
  • Know your product is unique: Your carport will be different from others on the block, in subtle ways or more obvious ones. Custom means just that your carport can be a unique size, height, style, color and more.
  • Comply with community requirements: If your neighborhood, HOA, or city has size, height, or color restrictions, you can easily work within the rules with your carport design.
  • Protect and organize: Keep valuable items out of view and out of the weather.
  • And more.

Check out our service area map of locations where Bulldog Steel Structures provides service!

Where to Get Your Custom Carport Online

At Bulldog Steel Structures, we sell only the highest-quality, durable, and stylish metal carports. Our experience and established reputation make us the go-to company when you need a metal carport or outbuilding. Our team is knowledgeable and dedicated to customer satisfaction!

Ready to order your custom carport online? Need more information? Contact Bulldog Steel Structures at 888-551-2156 today.

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